College Fashion

Cheers to:

Take a sip of this and your head will be filled with fashion advice from the very people your cherry cheek friend rambles about.

When people are seeking advice, they turn to their peers.  Especially when making fashion decisions, girls want to know what the current trends are within their age group.  College Fashion is the perfect site for co-eds to discover trendy looks that will turn heads on campus.  All of the site’s content and inspiration is formulated by a staff of college girls.  They are at the heartbeat of the culture and know what’s in; especially what is withIN the limited budget of a student.   After you view this site, you will no longer have to waste $8 on fashion advice from the likes of a Carrie Bradshaw in a Cosmo.  Besides, college gals don’t have $500 to spend on a dress to wear to a cocktail lounge in Manhattan.  They would much prefer some tips on putting together a cute outfit to impress the guy sitting next to them in their political science class.

Hold on, don’t drink yet.

Extra props to the clean layout of the site.  Easy to navigate.  There’s a million fashion blogs and most of them have junk everywhere on the site.  Great content and great layout is what makes this site a keeper.

All you have to do is lend a shoulder and listen.

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