Bowl of Bourbon

“For those who enjoy the taste of variety”

You remember at college when all of the cups in the house were either smashed on the ground or encrusted with some green substance?  Everyone would get in a pissing contest over who had to clean the dishes.  That’s when you would start seeing the bowls come out . . . to be drank from.  Pathetic?  Yes.  But . .  . resourceful?  Yes.  You didn’t want to be the one to cave.  Besides, you can fit more liquid in a bowl.  Less getting up for refills.  Be sure to lift with two hands; don’t want to spill any.

Take a seat and enjoy the variety section.  Yeah, sorry, that stool seems to be missing it’s legs for some reason and I don’t know what that brown stuff is on the couch.  Ah, turn that bucket over.  There ya go.  Here’s a plate tupperware top full of left-over hodgepodge, mishmash, and medley.  Easy on the palette, ain’t it?


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