Cheers To:

Welcome to the corner of the tavern devoted to our cherry cheeked friend who is holding onto your shoulder to keep himself from face planting.  He is at the point where he won’t stop rambling and spreading his “infinite wisdom.”  Everything he is saying is great and he wants you to know that.  Brooo, I’m telling you, you’ve got to check this writer out.  He’s a modern day Fitzgerald.”  Sure, sure, I bet.  To get him to close his trap, you promise him you’ll check it out.  And you actually do, knowing full well he’s going to ask about it the next night he shotguns a 12 pack.  Sometimes the recommendation turns out to be frothy, surprisingly enjoyable.  You then find yourself with your arm around a buddy reciting the “Brooo, I’m telling you,” routine.  Now, lend me your shoulder and listen up.  Check out these sites,  and you’ll have something to ramble about next time you’re at the bar.  Cheers to cherry cheeks and . . .

Dorm Room Tycoon

Madcap on Twitter


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