Table of Contents

Daily Chronicles – Day-to-day happenings, observations, and gripes revolving around this godforsaken project.

 1.  A More Formal, Madcap Welcome – A much classier introduction to my purpose in this tavern.

2.  Waiting at the Doorstep – Details the long anticipated day of receiving the product sample.

3.  The Brothers Who Stand A Century Apart – My studious view hollow observation of the relationship between China and America.

4.  The MadCap Effect – Continued rambling of the labor situation in China and the Madcap’s mission statement.

Muddled Memories – The strange experiences in this journey that have led me to this point. I think.  There’s some interesting/strange/greedy/brilliant/rich/shady people out there, ain’t there?

1.  The Christening of the MadCap – The birth of “the idea”. Poem looks like a fella with a top hat and top siders on, don’ it? How odd.

2.  In Bloom – The anxious sprint across town with “the idea” hanging in the balance.

3.  Toilet Alarm Clock – Part 1 – The interesting start to a degenerate’s day.

4.  Toilet Alarm Clock – Part 2 – Prepping for an important audition.

The Exec – His tailor fitted 3 piece suits, smooth demeanor, and clutched whiskey tumbler depict a man who has lived it.

1.  Part 1:  A Nightcap with the MadcapThe start of an interesting friendship.

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